I have been photographing at the KS Humane Society for nearly two years (wow, time has flown by!). During that time, I’ve accumulated many many hundreds of photos of the animals I’ve photographed. The communications department asked if I might be able to send them copies as I’m getting tight on space so I had […]

Pet photographer Wichita KS – My image on the side of the KHS recycling truck!

If you haven’t attended Woofstock and you love dogs, you need to make the time to attend this premier pooch focused event. It is a huge fundraiser for the Kansas Humane Society and is a great opportunity to get out and meet other dog lovers! This was my second year photographing the event as a […]

Pet photographer Wichita KS | Woofstock 2014

Things have not been well here at Islay Corners Photography. I have been overwhelmed with life events of late and I am slowly returning to my life to normal. I had hoped to build this year on last year’s successes however, that was not to be. I headed home in June for a short whirlwind […]

the last few months are a blur

Sometimes an animal shelter’s kitty cup runneth over. This is what happened at the local shelter where I volunteer. Enter the Kittenpalooza event. I was asked to help out photographing the kittens that were coming back to the shelter from foster homes in preparation for Kittenpalooza. For a while now, I’ve been trying to figure […]

Wichita Pet Photography – Adoption Portraiture – Bowties for Kittens and Cats

This is a photo of my son. He turned 4 on Monday. In this photo he was about 17 months. He was still struggling to learn to walk. It was Christmas time. My dad was sitting just out of this shot. I always think my son is peeking out the window waiting for Santa to […]

Wichita KS photographer | Throwback Thursday

What do yo do Sunday morning?  Some folks sleep in, some visit places of worship, some do laundry…I spend my Sunday mornings volunteering at the Kansas Humane Society where I photograph shelter animals.  To date, I have photographed canines, felines, rats, mice, ferrets, bunnies, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and a pigeon, yes a pigeon. It […]

Wichita KS pet photographer | Any given Sunday

I took my oldest assistant out a couple of weeks ago to photograph her and the wonderful beige-ness of winter here in Kansas. I make an effort to get yearly shots near my children’s birthdays so we can see how they have grown over the course of the year. A quick stop to the local […]

Beating the winter blahs!

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