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You live in a visual world where your visual presence on social media, your website and your marketing are the first handshake you give to potential clients, business partners and the world.  

I create personal branding & social media marketing images for entrepreneurs who need strategically planned & polished content.

I create fur filled art of your four
legged best friend. 
I offer pet parents photographic memories of their furry best friend, to treasure today and for the day when their pet can no longer be by their side. 

Well, I can help with that!

Got blurry pics of your furry bestie?

a library of images that show off you as an business owner and how your business is different from all your competitors to potential customers?

access to a 'branded to you' image library consistent imagery to use for your website, social media and other marketing efforts?

the ability to tell your business story, show off your workspace, your product or service to attract new and current customers in a crowded marketplace?

 How great would it be if you had an              button for social media, website and marketing content?      

a session with me is your                button.

Together, we will create a library of images that are branded to your business so you can:

a session with me is 
your                button.

Together, we will create a library of images that are branded to your business so you can:

1. show how you are different than your competition

2. show up consistently on social media 

3. tell your business' story to attract & retain new clientele





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Here at Karra Kostya Photography, I specialize in helping small business owners curate their social media image, entrepreneurs put their best business image forward. 

Part strategist / part photographer & always a proud female owner & small business owner. 

Hey there!  I'm Karra! nice to meet you!

a little bit @ me: cat mom,
documentary obsessed,
huge fan of chocolate covered espresso coffee beans 

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