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Karra Kostya

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That's my super power ~ let me show off yours.

I tell your  story, using pictures.


Hey there, I'm Karra!

I work together with clients to create contemporary imagery that will help you market your business and artful photographs of your family for years to come in the Wichita and surrounding area.

I believe that everyone should unabashedly show up in the world. I believe pets deserve to have their lives documented just as much as humans.

And I will admit, I do judge people based on their font choices - we all have pet peeves and comic sans is mine.

... Does it sound like we might work well together?

Perfect, here's the important stuff!  >>

Happy hour drink - A Negronski
Binge shows / movies - Ted Lasso / James Bond
Star Wars or Star Trek? - Star Trek (with a dash of Dr. Who)
Where did you grow up? - A rural area in Ontario, Canada
What are you never without ... - My phone / AirPods / Eyeglasses
Dirty little secret (no judgement, pls) - My favorite breakfast is leftover Hawaiian pizza with chili pepper flakes 

Happy hour drink 

Binge shows / movies 

Star Wars or Star Trek? 

What's is playing on my AirPods?

Where did you grow up?

What are you never without ... 

Dirty little secret (no judgement, pls)

A Negronski

Ted Lasso / James Bond

Star Trek (with a dash of Dr. Who)

Depends on the day ...

Iphone / AirPods / Eyeglasses

A rural area in Ontario, Canada

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My favorite breakfast is leftover Hawaiian pizza with chili pepper flakes

Hands down, the best season is fall.  I love the autumn colors, the crunching of leaves and the cool breeze.  

If you have never walked in a forest turning many shades of yellow, orange and red, get yourself to one.  It is well worth it.

is fall

my favorite season


Forget Disney World, Paris is the place you want to be.  The museums, the food, the desserts, the coffee, the Seine, the history, the everything.  It is the most magical place you can visit.  

place to visit

my favorite

While we prefer to be behind the camera, we are business owners and parents of both humans and pets. 

We know the abject fear that our clients experience when they are having their photo taken. 

We will use our expertise to coach you, to pose you & be your hype girl whenever you need it.

Our clients describe their  experience & images as pure

What is it like to
work with me?


It's our mission to make your
experience exceptional!

From your consult to your image preview, it is our job to:

1. Help you prepare for your session

2. Help you select the right outfit

3. Help you to curate your session based on your needs & our planning session.

4. Help you to select the images that fit into your visual story.


Creating social media ready content on the fly is a challenge.

 What if I told you that having a content session can create months worth of social media posts, fulfill marketing needs and that elusive but much needed updated headshot?

Yes it is possible.

Let's be honest, owning a business is tough, so many hats to wear & only 24 hours in a day.

Personal Branding / headshots

marketing content images

Sessions start at $395


Whether it is the time we have with our heart pets, our families or our seniors who are  preparing for their next adventure, our only physical documentation is photographs.  

Photographs are a return to a time, otherwise lost.

Seniors ~ Pets ~ Families 

Sessions start at $295


From the very beginning of the process Karra is aiming to please. Unlike many of the photographers I have worked with around the world in our Air Force career, Karra will be sure to over-exceed your expectations from day one.

~ Erica Greenwood, Grief Recovery Kansas

So pleased with how my new business photos turned out. Karra Kostya Photography is fun to work with and I'm always pleased with the work she does!


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