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Welcome to the inevitable and seemingly requisite About Me page. I always struggle to write these because it’s a dance between being myself and not being too bold as to offend someone. That said, I’ve learned not being authentic to who you are only causes mental stress and a sore back from trying to contort into a human pretzel in order to please people who don’t value what I have to offer.

So here we go, I am a middle aged woman who espouses to no religion, loves using big words, is a dual Canadian American citizen, and my love language is acts of service.

My goal when working with clients, be they human or animal, is to be a helper.

Sometimes that means I play the quiet bartender who listens as you pour out your troubles, sometimes that is someone to hold your hand while you tackle a challenging problem and sadly it has been someone who cries with pet parents during their beloved pet’s end of life session. That last one is probably the toughest because as a life long pet owner, I understand first hand both their love and grief.

If it sounds like you might want to work with me, you can reach out by telephone (316) 200-5079, email - or using the contact form here.

When my clients find me, their first words are "I really need images for my website, but I just don't know where to start..." or "I really love my dog but man, she just won't sit for photos...". 



Photo Credit - SoulStyle Creative

This is such a cliché thing to find on a photographer's website.  I learned early on that life is not guaranteed.  Sometimes loved ones leave very unexpectedly and all you have left are your memories.  Most recently, my heart cat was with me a very long time (nearly 20 years) but the one thing I regret most is not having more photos of him.


why i became a

I love to collect things (just ask my husband) but there is a method to my pack rat heart.  It needs to be pretty to look at and ideally practical.  I love warm tones, pieces that speak to my heart and remind me of a memory.

My favorite accessory is a scarf. I often buy on when I visit a new place as a souvenir.

simple & classic

my design style

I'm a huge James Bond fan (Sean Connery followed by Daniel Craig, never ever Roger Moore).  I discovered my personal favorite drink, Campari with orange juice, while watching "In Her Majesty's Secret Service."

If it's not available, I channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw and have a Cosmo.

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Hands down, the best season is fall.  I love the autumn colors, the crunching of leaves and the cool breeze.  

If you have never walked in a forest turning many shades of yellow, orange and red, get yourself to one.  It is well worth it.

is fall

my favorite season


Forget Disney World, Paris is the place you want to be.  The museums, the food, the desserts, the coffee, the Seine, the history, the everything.  It is the most magical place you can visit.  

place to visit

my favorite