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What is a content library?


Well, let me tell you, your session will create lots of images.  In preparation for your preview appointment, I will sort through the images, removing those that are blurry, blinks, etc. and prepare them for your Preview and Order session.  I work to create a wide variety of images to preview based on our consultations.

Your Preview and Order session can be overwhelming to view because you want them all and if you want to purchase them all, you can.  However, sometimes your reality is that you just don’t have the funds to support that kind of decision.  I totally understand that.  This is why I created the content library.  There is no more leaving images behind. 

So what is a content library?  Your content library is made up of all the images that didn’t make your initial purchase.  They will be loaded, at low resolution and watermarked into a folder that you can come back at a later date and ‘shop’ in and purchase.  Your content library images reflect your brand and they showcase you and your business, so it’s a no brainer! 

How do you order?  You simply note the names of the images you want to purchase, email me with those file names then I invoice you.  I will put your new purchases in your digital folder for you to access.

How much does it cost?  All you pay for is your purchases.