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If the last year has taught us anything, its that current and potential customers need to be able to find us whether it’s at 2am when they have insomnia or on a Saturday afternoon stroll.  More and more, customers are turning to online sources to find a solution for their needs. 

What does that mean for you?  It means that you need a web presence (i.e. a website or at least a Google My Business page) and you MUST exist on social media.  How many times have you seen people posting in local groups looking for recommendations?  People will tag your business only if you have a social media handle/page! 

People just aren’t willing to spend their precious time searching or better yet driving miles out of their way, when they can experience your business’ experience online.  It is only then they decide whether they want to purchase with your business.

So why does this matter and why is a photographer posting about this?  It’s because it’s what I do.  Professionally taken photographs help you stand out on from the competition.  Well composed, edited and used photos will stand the test of time and that Instagram filter. 

A branding session with Karra Kostya Photography isn’t just about going out to a park or Old Town and taking a bunch of pretty photos with your hair blowing in the wind with a great sunflare added for effect.  It’s about curating a visual message that will tell potential clients who and what your business is before you even write one piece of well crafted prose or hashtag a sentence. 
We help you formulate the visual message you want to share by asking questions, and then asking more if needed.  All that preparation pays off when you have your ordering appointment and you get to select your images!

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