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What is a commercial license?


So you have bought your images, you are loading them into your website and it hits you, “What can I do with these?”

First, I am not a lawyer. Two, just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t mean that it’s a free for all and you can just save any image and use it (that is actually theft, yes, theft).  Three, why pinch someone else’s content when you can create your own? 

When you purchase branding images from me, you receive an usage license.  It states that you can use your images for both personal (print that 8×10 for Grandma) and commercial purposes (make money from the usage of these images).  This is in part why your images cost more, you are using these images to make money, period end of story.

Your usage license outlines what you can do. You will receive both a hard copy with your USB drive and a digital copy with your digital order.  You may never be asked for it but if you need it, you have it. 

If ever, you misplace it, just let me know and I can send you a copy.

But wait, do I own the copyright?  No.  The copyright remains with the photographer (me).  This is outlined in your contract with me. (Yes, I have you sign a contract, more on that in a separate post).

So what am I paying for?  You are purchasing the digital images for usage to market your business and the license allows you to do so.  No copyright is transferred.