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Tips for headshot or branding session planning!


  • If we are doing a more lifestyle or on location headshot session, the same principals can be applied.  Want both a casual look and professional look?  Bring both!
  • Avoid patterns/multiple pieces of statement jewelry/loud colors (like hot pinks and reds).  Simple is best!  If you really want to wear a statement piece, make it either earrings or a necklace.
  • Bring clothing that is ideally new or newer and not been through the wash many times and has lost its form.  Solid colors that fit well but are comfortable (not too tight, not too loose and not too loud) are best.
  •  Heels/dress shoes?  Most shots unless we are outside will be at/most 3/4 length (head to knees) to mid section to just your shoulders up.  Wear what is comfortable but maybe bring something fancy just in case.
  • Should I do my hair and wear makeup?  Yes.  I don’t have a HMUA with me at sessions so it is best to prepare ahead of time.  When applying makeup, add a little extra than usual.
  • Please no super glitzy manicures or crazy color on those nails! No, it can’t be fixed in Photoshop so go neutral at your next mani!
Brown haired lady posing for her headshot