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Session Preparation – Grooming for Humans – Wichita KS Dog Photos

Pet Portraiture

Do’s for you:

  • If you usually wear makeup, Put on a little more makeup than usual.  It will photograph better.  Better yet, pamper yourself and get your hair and makeup done!
  • Plan your outfit to complement your pets coloring and ideally fit within the decor of your home so that if you want to feature your new photographs in your home (why wouldn’t you?), they will fit right in!
  • Exercise your dog, regardless of where your session takes place.  When we drive for your session, your pet will be excited.  Getting the sillies out before their session is probably the most important preparation part.

Dont’s for you:

  • Don’t wear bold colors like reds and hot pinks.  Why?  Well, simply put they don’t photograph well.  They are are also distracting to the eye and often can cause your images to have a ‘dated’ appearance in the years to come. 
  • Don’t get a drastically new or untried haircut a few days before your session.