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Family Photography Wichita KS – The Family S


This amazing family chose an equally amazing location, the Flint Hills National golf course. They are members and spend a lot of time as a family there together. It is so wonderful to be able to capture family memories in a place that has so many happy memories for a family. It was also gorgeous as the fall colors where out in full splendor. Fall in Kansas doesn’t last as long nor is it usually as vibrant as the fall colors in more northern areas.
The three sisters are growing up so fast and have changed so much since I first met them!

Since we were at a golf course, their dad asked if we could take some photos with everyone in the sand trap. I love it when dads get involved in the sessions! Its so often the mom who coordinates everything. It was a refreshing change to have the dad suggestion something with the added value of it being really creative!


These sisters are so lucky to have one another. I know as the years grow they will enjoy having photos to look back at their youth! Aren’t their outfits gorgeous? Mom did a great job coordinating everyone.


This image speaks to me so much. As they celebrate their present lives with a family portrait session, they walk towards their future together.