Social media is a beast that came be tamed with the right plan. The keyword in that phrase is plan. Before you can plan, you must know where your customers spend their time socially. A Hashtags session helps you create photographic content to use to provide your target audience with a vision of what you do and how you do it. It could be a visual representation of your service, how you create your product or even the final products you make. 

For Hashtags sessions, I prefer to discuss what your needs are and provide custom options based on what your needs are! Cookie cutter solutions are great for bakers but sometimes a custom option is the best solution. 


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At the end of all our hard work and planning comes the best part: seeing your beautiful images! We will work with you to choose images that fit your interior decoration goals or make that perfect gift for a family member. All images will be hand-retouched and available for a variety of beautiful, archival print products & digital form.

The day of your session we encourage you to prepare your pet by grooming them and giving them a little extra excerise which will help take some of the spunk of of their step. You know your pet best as to how much will be enough! 

Today is the day to bring out that new collar so they look their best!

To ensure your pet's safety we ask all our pet clients some basic questions about temperament, vaccinations etc..  We ask this so we can help guide you to your best location for your pet and their individual needs.  Our pet sessions take place on the weekends at one of our local outdoor venues or at our west side studio, by appointment only.  

.  If your pet has been given a terminal diagnosis, we encourage you to reach out as soon as possible., don't wait.  




Yay!  You want photographs of your best four legged friend!  Professional images of your pet wll give you a time capsule of your time together with your pet.  
First things first, what are your goals for the session - A piece of wall art, an album, or maybe images to display on your mantel?  Next, do you know what type of session you want - Outdoor, studio or end of life? 
All of these things are discussed at your pre-consultation phone call.




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Sessions start at $299!

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