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Waterfall Yoga – Sarah

Business Branding

So instead of me dithering on about what I did and what we got, I think it would be best to have Sarah speak for herself as to what we did and why we did it.

In Sarah’s words….

When I was in need of some new headshots and branding photos for my company website, marketing materials and social media platforms, I turned to Karra Kostya Photography.  I wanted some shots that would portray who I am as the founder of Waterfall Yoga Therapy and display the vast array of what I do.  As a yoga therapist, there aren’t many people who understand yoga therapy and its benefits.  Yoga is often portrayed as something that is done only by the fit, flexible, and formidable. On the contrary, yoga therapy is for all body types, abilities, and can be adapted to fit specific needs. 

Yoga therapy is a fairly new modality and growing industry to empower people to heal holistically using a variety of techniques, to co-create a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan set to obtain the client’s goals.  Unlike your traditional yoga class, a yoga therapist will work with you to explore diet and exercise, habitual patterns, lifestyle, posture, energy levels, emotional traumas, and physical abilities/injuries in order to treat all aspects of the client’s needs.  In addition, to being a yoga therapist specializing in pain, anxiety, PTSD, and grief, I am also a certified personal trainer. I provide one-on-one specialized yoga therapy sessions, tele-health sessions (virtual yoga therapy), online courses, corporate group yoga therapy, educational workshops on yoga therapy topics, and wellness retreats. Karra was prepared to brand all aspects of my business and showcase the array of offerings.

Karra had her hands full with my requests to head to a local waterfall to portray my business name.  Being a military spouse, with plans to build a Yoga Therapy and Retreat Center on our 20 acres outside of Huntsville, Alabama upon completion of our 20-year service commitment to the United States Air Force, I wanted Karra to help me prepare for the growth of my business towards that final destination!  Karra agreed to take a slightly treacherous hike down a cliffside to get these shots.  In addition, Karra traveled with me to a local arboretum to capture headshot images amongst the plants and trees that plan to be a part of the meditation and outdoor experience at the Waterfall Yoga Therapy and Retreat Center once built and established. My goal was to utilize the headshots to market speaking engagements and social media.  She also met with me virtually to experience tele-health yoga therapy for herself and got some shots of this online experience.  At our final location spot, we completed our branding shoot with a couple of clients in the midst of receiving yoga therapy at a beautiful local spa and yoga studio.

Karra is patient, hard-working, humble, and professional.  From the very beginning of the process Karra is aiming to please.  Unlike many of the photographers I have worked with around the world in our Air Force career, Karra will be sure to over-exceed your expectations from day one, as you complete her intake form so that she can capture the images that you are hoping and expecting to receive.  Meeting with you once again after your session is complete, she reviews the photos with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your images.  Your experience with Karra Kostya Photography will be one-of-a-kind, guaranteed.

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