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The Kitchen Sink program!

Introducing our signature program, The Kitchen Sink program, to help you design the photo shoot you will love and use the results! 

It’s one thing to get photos of your business or products taken but it’s a whole other thing to figure out what you are going to do with them. 

In the Kitchen Sink Program, we walk you through a discovery process on how you think you might use the images, determine what images you need and how you might otherwise use them in your marketing process.

We cover all the things that will guide us through to create the visual story of your business. We help you walk through how you will use the images, how you will use the images to engage your client and how you will use your images other than social media. 

• Target Audience 
• Planning Your Photographs 
• Social Media Usage 
• Non-Social Media Usage (i.e. brochures/cards etc.) 

We covered pretty much every topic but the kitchen sink!