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The Classic Headshot


School photo anyone? Log into LinkedIn and you will see a sea of smiles shoulder up faces, dressed in suits, jackets and accessories. There isn’t anything wrong with this type of photo but it is very targeted to white collar professional such as doctors, engineers, lawyers and accountants.

Why choose the classic headshot? Well, what is your occupation? There is somewhat of an expectation that we will see a wall of heads on our doctor office’s wall or a law firm partners and associates. We want to see with whom we are meeting, who is getting our money and boy they better meet our expectations or we will be disappointed.

Is this kind of headshot right for you? Are you a very formal person? Do you tend to wear a suit and tie to work? Maybe this kind of session suits (pun intended) your profile. Or maybe you get one in a suit and a couple others in a business casual or informal setting and outfit.