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What to wear to your headshot session!


  • Plain to bring a minimum of 3 outfits. Often we can mix and match pieces together for various looks. A good rule of thumb is one business/corporate, one business casual and one Friday night out with friends look.

  • Avoid too thick or too thin clothing. Too thick will add weight and won’t fit correctly whereas too thin, well let’s just see we see London, we see France and we will see your underpants.
  • Colors – Jewel tones flatter everyone! It is best to avoid bright whites or bright colors. Whites look great with a jacket over them for a more corporate look but by themselves can wash you out. If you are thinking of wearing a white tailored shirt under a suit jacket, it’s is always best to stop by your local store to pickup a fresh one.

  • Avoid loud or busy patterns or wording – Unless you really want to wear your branded conference shirt, stick with plain solid colored tops.
  • Jewelry – Stick to simple. Statement necklaces are great but can date your image faster than you might think.

  • Test it out! Be sure to try on your outfit choices a few days before your session to make sure everything fits as it should. If not, it’s is always advantageous to do a little shopping to find an outfit that fits perfectly!
  • Necklines – Nothing too low or high. Scoop and v-necks work well for ladies or a polo or collared shirt for men.
  • Nails – Pamper yourself to a manicure before your session. A simple French manicure or clean nails is best.
  • Facial hair – Please arrive with a freshly shaved face or neatly trimmed beard.