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I would love pictures but I own a cat and she’s kinda picky… – Wichita Pet Photography

Pet Portraiture

I love my cat – she’s my girl and I would love to get some photos done of her She is a little bit of a scaredy cat.

~John, human pet/movable furniture to Fred the medium haired brown tabby cat.

Ah yes cats. We are very familiar with the four legged purring kind. Believe us when we say, we understand the ever changing finickiness and fickleness of felines but we also know that we are owned by them, not the other way around. We are owned by two pampered pussy cats who run the house. Sound familiar? To cat owners, we are sure it does.

Our two come out and about until guests come over and then they get very selective with whom they choose to associate. If you are of the under 13 crowd and don’t live here, you are persona non grata with our two kitties. Add to that, anyone with a big black clicky box otherwise known as a camera, hit the road Jack, unless we are in the mood.

We have worked extensively with cats during our time with the Kansas Humane Society shelter volunteer work. We have experienced pretty much every feline personality known to cat kind. Friendly but aloof to face snugglers to text book scaredy cats to two steps from feral.

The key element of working with felines is you can’t rush them. They take the time they need, which means a lot of patience is required by everyone in attendance at the session.

While it is all too easy to get frustrated and upset with your pet because they are taking a lot of time to come around but that only makes your pet more agitated and fearful. During your cat’s session, it is more productive to just let them be themselves and give them some space. You will be rewarded with better photos of your beloved fuzzy if you respect their innate nature.

We are firm believers that we will spend the time that is needed to allow the pet to be comfortable.

If you are thinking of a session for your cat, please let us know! We are happy to come to your pet and meet them in person. We can discuss what your goals are for your session and we can see how your cat reacts to strangers. No strings attached, we are here to provide an honest opinion.