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Wichita KS photographer | When size does matter…

Pet Portraiture

Size is everywhere…Would you like to Super size that, size doesn’t matter, size is just a number…well I’m here to tell you size does matter! Especially when it comes to your home decor!
Everyone always asks how much is your 8×10…Ok, that’s easily answered but could you tell me where you are going to put it? An 8×10 sitting on a shelf maybe okay but a single 8×10 hung over an average 6 foot couch is kinda small…

This is something that I always ask during a client consultation. Have you thought about what you might want from your photo session? Do you plan to display photo products from your session? Photographs are meant to be printed and enjoyed in your home. Yes, you want to post them to Facebook, yes you want to have them on your smartphone but why not enjoy them in your physical space? On your desk at work? On Grandma’s mantle?

When you take into consideration the size of the image that would be most appropriate size, a professionally printed image will look far better and last far longer than a print from a big box store.

A little food for thought maybe when thinking about your next photograph session?